At Brown the label, we strive to empower and instil confidence in dark skin women while still promoting inclusivity. We provide a platform for women to be their truest selves through fashion and find a sense of belonging in a community of like minded sisters. 


Quality clothing that won't fall apart easily

Our garments are fashion-forward, bold and playful with a hint of flirtation. We take everyday pieces with classic silhouettes and elevate them to create glam essentials. Each piece is made from good quality fabrics with an attention to great craftsmanship, ensuring the longevity of our products. 


For all the bad bitches*

Women are at the centre of every decision that drives our business. We believe in the confidence and independence of women. Through our brand we want to empower women to realise their worth, strive for excellence and not to settle for anything that doesn’t make them grasp the power they hold within themselves.  

*A woman who is confident, independent and strives for herself- Urban Dictionary